Bravura Coffee Co.


Craft Coffee Roasters
Seattle, WA

2014 Gold ADDY Award

Small Batch + Craft Roasted — are the values behind Bravura Coffee. A nice rich and delightful brew is just what one looks for in a coffee, and is what keeps the roasters of Bravura up at night. Making sure that each and every batch is crafted and roasted to perfection, for that perfect silky smooth bean that won’t disappoint when you enjoy your cup of coffee every morning. Whether it be a light, medium or dark roast — Bravura has made sure to refine the roast to the most decadent bean possible.


Branding was created to have a clean and modern presence, while still encompassing the personality behind the brand. The subtle hint of red symbolizes the slow roasting of the beans while brown represents the beans after being roasted to perfection. The contrast between the bold and thin typefaces show the bold and smooth flavors Bravura refines.


A package should not only help sell a product, but should also tell a story behind the brand. Each bag is covered in colors that are representative of their roast, and not just the flavor of that roast. Each roast is carefully crafted to enhance the natural and cultural flavors in which the beans are harvested from using popular flavor cues in that region. The roaster of Bravura spend a great amount of time in the region in which the beans are harvested to learn those specific flavor cues and how to best capture them in the roast.

Web Design

The website was designed to be simple, functional and informational. Keeping the design to a single page allowed the site content to flow freely and minimize the amount of navigation needed. The site highlights Bravura’s mission, the roasts,  where to enjoy & purchase the coffee. In the ‘roasts’ section all the roasts are lined up to show the different flavors and are opaque until hovered over. Once you hover over the roast it come to full cover and gives details about that specific roast, such as flavor notes, darkness/strength of the roast and location in which the beans were harvested. 

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