Brendan Boden Photography

Brendan Boden Photography

A Portfolio Book

2014 Silver ADDY Award

Hobbies often turn into passions, and this passion is worth sharing. Brendan has chosen to share his passion for photography through a printed portfolio. By creating a printed book the audience is able to admire his works in a tangible medium.

Creating a book that has an impactful presence both open and closed was a huge focus. A slip cover was created with a window to imitate the sight of the photographer looking through his viewfinder. Sliding the book out reveals a powerful image that gives a quick glimpse of what’s to come. Inside spreads are filled with beautiful imagery in a minimalist grid layout to keep attention on the images. Scattered throughout the book are key words and descriptions that help understand why he photographs the way he does.


A custom slip cover was created for this book, mimicking the viewfinder of a camera. The window of the slip cover has focus points printed on a frosted vellum to give it a more realist feel as if you were actually looking through a camera at the image behind. The main cover image wraps all the way to the back cover to give a complete look to the cover.


Keeping the focus on the images was while still engaging the viewer was the goal. Throughout the spreads there are callouts of type that gives insight as to why he captures images the way he does, and what he looks for while capturing the images. Capturing an image is not just about that moment, it is also about the end result and the moments it will hold forever.


Ranging from lifestyle to landscape, weddings to animals — Brendan photographs it all. With a passion for capturing the purest moments during a shoot he prefers to take a lifestyle and candid approach on as many assignments as possible. Cutting out the fake posing he is able to capture the raw emotion in that moment of time, showing what is really going on in front of the lens and the character of his subjects.

For more photography check out his portfolio.

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