ecoATM | E-Waste Infographic

E-Waste Infographic

ecoATM, Inc.

ecoATM, Inc. is the only automated kiosk that collects unwanted or used cell phones, tablets and MP3 players and pays you instant cash. The ecoATM kiosk is completely automated and will price out a device you place inside the kiosk and offer you an amount for that device. Once you agree to sell your device to ecoATM, Inc. the device is recycled to keep the harmful materials out of landfills.

This infographic was created to accompany a press release during Q4 of 2014. The concept behind the infographic was to show the life cycle of a device and highlight statistics that are eye opening to the fact of how many devices are shipped, sold, forgotten and thrown away or destroyed. The individual statistics were also broken out and used across multiple social media channels to get the audience to click through and read more about this topic.

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