ecoATM | Kiosk Security Brochure


Kiosk Security Brochure

ecoATM, Inc. is the only automated kiosk that collects unwanted or used cell phones, tablets and MP3 players and pays you instant cash. The ecoATM kiosk is completely automated and will price out a device you place inside the kiosk and offer you an amount for that device. Once you agree to sell your device to ecoATM, Inc. the device is recycled to keep the harmful materials out of landfills.

With the purchase of used electronic devices from consumers through an automated kiosk there are risks involved with the potential of the kiosk buying stolen devices. This has been a main topic for ecoATM, and they have taken extensive measures to keep that from happening. This Brochure was created to highlight the kiosk security features and the security features that happen on the back end during a transaction to help keep stolen devices from being purchased through the kiosk. This brochure is to be used during events with high profile people such as law enforcement, government officials, and law makers, so the approach was to have an impactuful piece of collateral that delivered the content at a high level.

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