Outerwall | 2014 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report

Outerwall Inc. is the parent company to favorite consumer brands such as Coinstar, redbox and ecoATM. I was tasked with creating a 10K wrap for our annual report. The wrap consists of front/back cover, CEO letter and the last page of the annual report.

I designed the annual report with a minimal, modern and fresh concept in mind. Taking brand elements of Outerwall the cover is a single image that wraps around to the back cover with cells that is broken up with white space. Outerwall has a motif that is created of triangles at specific angles, the ells throughout the annual report follow the same angles but used in an entirely different way than before.

Design isn’t everything about a piece, it’s also how the piece is produced. The annual report 10K wrap was printed 6/6 process. I started with a 4 color process, then I had a flood of soft touch printed on all the pages from the 10K wrap and then followed that with spot UV on the cells and the blue hash marks. I chose the soft touch so that light would not reflect off the the plain white portions of the page as well as allow zero fingerprints to be left behind. The spot UV allowed the images to pop off the white even more and when held at the right angle provided a nice shine. I decided to add the subtle touch of the spot UV on the blue hash marks so when holding the annual report you would get a glimmer of light as the pages turn.

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