Outerwall | Seattle Seahawks Partnership


Seattle Seahawks Partnership

Being a corporate partner of the Seattle Seahawks Outerwall had advertising space on the North end zone walls, hustleboard animations as well as sponsoring the 1st down as well as other opportunites outside of the stadium.

Throughout the 2015-2016 season I was the creative lead for all efforts on the sponsorship. The top level initiatives include creating a microsite, hustleboard animations and a sweepstakes campaign. A microsite was created to give an overview of the Outerwall & Seahawks partnership, show year to date the dollar amount that as been donated as well as highlight the charity sponsorship of the week.

Every first down gained at home was another $512 donated by Outerwall, after each down there was a 1st down animation that ran on the hustleboards. During normal game play there are advertisements that run on the hustleboards so I created product advertisements to educate the viewers what each kiosk did as well as tying in that Outerwall is the parent company to the various businesses.

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