Pandora Re-Design | Concept


Re-Design Concept

* Conceptual project, Pandora logo and album artwork are property of their respective owners.

Pandora was created in the year 2000 with one mission in mind, play music you will love. Fifteen years later Pandora now has over 77 million users worldwide, with over 1.73 billion listening hours and counting. With such a huge success over the years I felt it was appropriate to give this application a new skin. This was meant to stay true to what Pandora was created for, and not to add bells and whistles, but rather give a fresh new experience to users.


The redesign was focused on elevating the user experience to a more modern and simple aesthetic. Adhering to Pandora’s brand guidelines I took a look at common pages and updated them to reflect this.

Overall functions stayed the same with the exception of a few minor details, that I feel help improve the user experience. The “Like & Dislike” thumbs have been replaced by stars for a more accurate rating scale. Simply rating a track at zero stars will ensure that track is not played on your current station again, similar to a “thumbs down” in previous versions, but giving the option of one to five stars allows the user to fine tune their listening experience based on how much they like a track. Based off how high you rated a song the algorithm will then be able to match songs within the genre that have similar tempos and feel to the track. Over time the app will learn your taste and start suggesting other playlists that you may enjoy.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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