Seattle Sounders | 2016 Scarf Design

Seattle Sounders FC

2016 Alliance Member Scarf Design

The Seattle Sounders organization is the owner of their respective logos.

With every new Seattle Sounders season there is a 2016 Alliance Member Scarf design contest to allow the Alliance Members (Season Ticket holders) a chance to design and vote on the new season scarf that is included in the season ticket package. This design was selected as one of the 6 finalists, which became open to voting to all Alliance Members.

With this design I wanted to keep it minimal and modern without sacrificing the integrity of the Seattle Sounders brand. I went with a base of Rave Green, with a very subtle pinstripe to breakup the solid green, so that the scarf would be bright an loud whether people are holding them high in the stadium or just wearing it around their neck. I also took into account different ways the scarf would be used.

One side is for when we raise our scarfs during the game, while the other is meant to drape over the shoulder to form the Seattle Sounders logo nice and big as well as having the Space Needle and wordmark on the back of the neck for anyone behind you to see. Another detail to note is while wearing the scarf, on the left side (facing the scarf) the number “1974” is at the bottom while on the right side the acronym “SSTID” (Seattle Sounders ‘Til I Die), which when put together shows “1974-SSTID” stating that we are Sounders ‘Til I Die.

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