Washington Distilleries

Washington Distilleries

Craft Distilleries
of the PNW

2014 Silver ADDY Award

Washington Distilleries showcases craft stilled liquor from all around the Pacific Northwest. Focusing on small batch liquor that is very meticulously produced and highly sought after, resulting in a higher price point. Branding and web design crafted specifically for those that thoroughly enjoy high profile liquors.


The brand identity was designed to reflect craft stilled spirits with a hint of the PNW. A warm and elegant color pallet creates a mood that is rich and sophisticated just like the spirits featured within.


Focusing on the mobile optimization of the website ensures that when the viewer is at their favorite watering hole they can look up their next favorite spirit. Use of strong imagery makes the audiences want to reach out and grab one of these featured spirits. For those that are first time users or seasoned browsers, spirits are separated by distilleries, regions and types spirits for easy navigation. Along with ease of navigation education of spirits is found throughout the site.

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